About Technical Blasting Company

Technical Blasting Company provides the ultimate in mobile and in-house paint removal, surface cleaning, repair, and restoration of a variety of substrates in the commercial and industrial environment using appropriate media for each project.

Our industrial grade wet and dry blasting systems use only green materials that include crushed glass, corn cob husks, aluminum oxide, sand, and sodium bicarbonate when applicable. All are available for sale in 50-lb. bags. Partial and full pallets are sold at pallet prices. Other types of media are available to fit project requirements.

Technical Blasting Company is licensed, fully insured, and strictly adheres to industry regulations.

Technical Blasting Company industrial services include stripping paint, cleaning surfaces, restoring, and repairing:

  • Locomotives
  • Railroad Cars
  • Aircraft
  • Roads
  • Bridge and Structural Repair
  • Assembly Lines
  • Buildings
  • Fences
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Smoke and Fire damage
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Trucks
  • Engine Parts
  • Bricks and Masonry
  • Wooden walls
  • Metal Roofs
  • Rust Removal
  • Machinery
  • Parts Restoration
  • Oil, Grease, and Stain removal

We can sand blast and power wash when projects require those services. We are happy to recommend the best solution for every project.

Owner, Rick Prendergast, has nearly 20 years experience in the painting and resurfacing business. Technicians, Chris Barrow and Jeff Morris also have over two decades of similar experience. They have been removing paint and cleaning surfaces by sand blasting, power washing and using other media blasting techniques to prepare surfaces for painting for years.

Call us for your next industrial media blasting and restoration project. We’ll be happy to give you a competitive quote. If you can’t bring your project to us, we will be glad to come to you.